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Orthodontic FAQ

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Why should we consider orthodontics?

Many people consider orthodontics to be elective treatment. While braces and clear aligners can straighten teeth so your child’s smile looks great, they can do so much more. Braces and other devices are also used to modify your (or your child’s) bite, so that teeth and the jaw align in the best, most functional way possible. This helps prevent problems years later with the jaw or with excessive wear of the teeth, among other issues.

Aren’t braces for teenagers? Why do you want to start so young?

Experience has shown that the optimum time to begin addressing bite issues and crowded or crooked teeth is when children are young, often before permanent teeth start coming in. Correction now can make room for incoming teeth and prevent far more extensive treatment later, saving you time and money. Correction is also easier when the child is young and the jaw bone is less dense.

My 12-year-old likes to chew ice. Is this harmful?

Tooth enamel can be damaged by such things as eating “hard foods” like popcorn, cracking nut shells with your teeth, or chewing on ice. Opening packages or untying tight laces with your teeth can also damage the enamel. All of these things become much riskier when you have braces, because they can shift or bend the brackets or wires, interfering with the work the braces are designed to do and often lengthening treatment time.

Orthodontic Care Irmo SCWhy is it important to have regular teeth cleaning?

Did you know “teeth cleaning” does more than just clean your teeth? Removing plaque is absolutely essential if you want to preserve your teeth, especially during orthodontic care. Plaque builds up on the tooth surfaces and between the teeth, and braces give it even more places to lurk and harden into tartar. Brushing and flossing are, of course, vital, but everyone needs their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Remember – only a dental hygienist can completely clean your teeth.

Is it okay to drink soft drinks during orthodontic treatment?

Sugar and acids are your teeth’s worst enemies, because they soften the tooth enamel and encourage decay. Braces will give you a fantastic smile when the treatment is complete, but you have to be diligent during the treatment for the best results. This means brushing and flossing very carefully, especially around the brackets and wires, but also avoiding foods and beverages that can do damage. We’ll provide a complete list of instructions and foods to avoid, and it’s important that you follow all recommendations for the best results.

This is just a sampling of often-asked questions. Have one of your own? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (803) 462-4437 so we can assist you.