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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s an Interactive Photo Op!

Before any treatment begins, you can see how your new smile will look! Cosmetic imaging allows us to show you how your teeth and smile can be changed with a variety of treatment options. Using computer images of your own teeth and gums, we can shape, replace, add, or lighten your teeth, resulting in your new smile. Seeing the results you can achieve is exciting!

Smile Makeover Dentist Irmo SC A New Smile for a Confident New You!

We combine excellent preventive care with the latest esthetics to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We offer veneers, crowns, and bonding, as well as natural-looking fillings for all teeth, whitening for even badly stained teeth, and implant restorations that are surprisingly affordable and easier to obtain in a shorter time than you might expect!

Give Your Smile a Makeover

If you’ve put off having the esthetics of your teeth changed because you thought it would take a long time, you’ll love hearing that with modern technology, in most cases you can have a makeover in only two visits! We can fix gaps, misshapen teeth, and discoloration with porcelain veneers. These are placed over and bonded to the natural tooth structure for an attractive, natural-looking smile you may have thought was impossible.

Dental Crowns Dentist Irmo SCThe Solution for Missing Teeth

Having a complete set of teeth is important for both oral and medical health. Missing teeth can interfere with the opening and closing of the jaw, and as soon as a tooth goes missing, the bone begins to dissolve. That leads to losing more teeth. Food may become trapped in these spaces, which increases the risk of gum disease or decay. Most importantly, your life changes without them. Chewing, speaking, your appearance, how you feel about yourself – all are reasons to come in and let us discuss replacement of lost teeth with implants. Our doctors make natural-looking restorations that match your other teeth and function just like real teeth so no one will ever know they are implants.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Irmo SCWhiter Teeth for a More Dazzling Smile

With modern advances, Irmo Smiles can give you beautiful, white teeth that can last for years – and in only one visit! We use Philips ZOOM!™ Whitening, as featured in the reality show Extreme Makeover. We also offer custom-created whitening trays in our lab and provide you with supplies and instructions to finish the procedure at home. Not only is it effective, but very safe. You will be amazed at the difference in your smile in just 14 days.

Hygiene Visits – Our Most Vital Service

One of the most important reasons to visit the dentist is to obtain a teeth cleaning by a professional hygienist. Soft, sticky plaque can be mostly removed by regular brushing, but what’s left hardens into tartar. That’s beyond the scope of your typical toothbrush and floss. Tartar accumulates on the tooth surface as well as below the gumline. If you don’t remove plaque, you risk more serious problems with your teeth and gums later on. Recent research shows a definite link between untreated gum disease and other serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Having your teeth cleaned regularly is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy!

Believe it or Not, We Can Fill Cavities with No Drills, No Needles!

One of the main reasons people avoid the dentist is the sound and vibration of the drill and the pinch of the dreaded needle. But now you don’t need to be afraid! One of our favorite advances in recent dentistry is called air abrasion. Instead of a conventional drill, this device aims a stream of tiny particles and air at the area of decay and gently mists it away!

White Dental Fillings Irmo SCMetal-Free Fillings

Any filling needs to bond securely to the natural tooth structure to prevent bacteria, the cause of decay, from accumulating under the filling. Metal amalgam fillings have been the standard for a very long time and are a reasonable option, but white composite fillings are a better option for both front and back teeth. The composite material bonds very well to your tooth structure and minimizes the chance of future decay. Our filling material also matches the shade of the rest of the tooth structure so you retain your naturally beautiful smile. We only use silver-mercury amalgams in extreme situations where it is impossible to keep the tooth dry for bonding (ie. decay below the gumline).

Take Control of Your Sleep Apnea and Snoring Disorders – Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Snoring can be an annoyance, but it’s also the primary symptom of a condition called obstructive sleep apnea that can be far more serious. Snoring is caused by a fully or partially blocked airway when the tongue falls backward during sleep, causing a vibration. Much of the time the body still gets enough air to cause little harm. However, this condition is one of the signs that sleep apnea could be right around the corner.

Apnea episodes can occur anywhere from 30 to 300 times per night or more. The resultant oxygen deprivation causes people to feel exhausted when they wake up, and fighting for air all night leaves them tired, headachy, and irritable. The lower oxygen levels also put a strain on the heart. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are medical problems, so after referral from a physician, you’ll receive a thorough examination by your dentist, who will discuss all options, advantages, limitations, and consequences. Oral appliances can reduce the health risks common to sleep apnea without surgery or medication, especially for patients who are unable to tolerate a CPAP machine. There is a 96% success rate for people treated with these appliances.

Laser Dentistry Irmo SCFaster, More Comfortable Gum Treatment

Irmo Smiles uses the Picasso™ and Lightwalker™ lasers as a safe alternative to incisions made by a scalpel. Lasers provide effective treatment in soft-tissue (gum) inflammation and irritation, gum recontouring, and even treatment of canker and cold sores. The laser is amazing with its versatility and use for both hygiene and cosmetic purposes. The less invasive technique means recovery time is much faster than with traditional methods and without any discomfort.

If it’s time for your next cleaning, or if you’re ready to schedule a no-cost/no-obligation cosmetic consultation, call us now at (803) 462-4437.