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Children’s Dentistry

Family Dentist Irmo SCYour Child’s Dentist Is as Important as Their Pediatrician

Good dental habits that last for a lifetime can only be instilled in children who enjoy going to the dentist. Starting at their first visits when they are six months old, we provide compassionate, gentle care year after year. Our new office is far more than simply a place where they get their teeth cleaned and checked. It’s a destination they’ll look forward to, full of fun and imagination. Associating such positive things with their dental visits will make sure your kids pay attention to the lessons we teach and the importance of maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Kids Dentist Irmo SCFear of Going to the Dentist? No Way!

Anxiety over a dental visit can occur because of clinical, impersonal treatment or an office where the child feels small or out of place. Instruments can be scary, too. We’ve worked hard to build an environment that helps them relax and have fun from the moment they walk in the door. Then our highly trained, warm team of caregivers will make them comfortable and welcomed. By the end of their visit, they’ll be excited for the next one!

Our Kids’ Zone fantasy world is equipped with Xboxes, iPads, digital murals, and 3-D characters. They’ll have so much fun, they’ll forget they’re at the dentist!

A Partnership for Your Child’s Dental Health

Young teeth are very prone to cavities for a variety of reasons. Children do not always brush well and need an adult’s supervision for proper daily care. Their eating patterns, typically small meals throughout the day, increase the exposure of their teeth to acid for digestion. It is very important for each parent to encourage healthy dietary choices and make sure children brush their teeth properly. We can also provide an application of fluoride varnish to their teeth for strength and prevention. Together, we can inspire a good diet and dental hygiene to help them maintain their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Dental Sealants Dentist Irmo SCSealants for Extra Protection

Even meticulous brushing can’t always reach deep enough into the grooves in back teeth, due in part to their incomplete formation. Sugar and cavity-forming bacteria can fit in spaces that a toothbrush bristle can’t. For the best possible cavity protection, we can apply a dental sealant, a protective coating that fills the microscopic grooves and keeps teeth safe.

After the teeth are sterilized, a thin coat of tooth-colored sealant is applied to each tooth. It doesn’t alter the appearance of the teeth in any way. A curing light bonds the sealant to the tooth. This procedure takes only a few minutes with no pain, no drilling, and no shots. The entire tooth structure remains intact. Never before has there been such an easy, effective, and safe preventive method against cavities.

Interceptive Orthodontics Irmo SCInterceptive Orthodontics

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children see an orthodontist by the age of 7 to screen for potential growth and tooth eruption problems. The majority of these young children don’t require treatment, but minor preventive procedures can often prevent major problems later in life. Dr. Raman’s thorough knowledge of craniofacial growth and development allows him to identify and correct teeth and jaw disharmony early, preventing big problems later on.

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